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Humbug! is a religious tract written by Jack Chick. It was originally printed in 1995, and remains in print. It is shown under the tag "Christmas" along with the tag "Older Children and Adults".

The tract is heavily based on the classic Christmas story A Christmas Carol, though differing in key areas[1].

Bob Cratchit has been forced to stay late at work by Scrooge, though he wants to leave in order to celebrate Christmas Eve (and the birth of Jesus) with his family. He finally is allowed to leave, though Scrooge is angry at Cratchit for trying to tell him about the Gospel (Cratchit offers him a Gospel tract). He goes window shopping with his family and has dinner with his family (Cratchit wants to thank God for his employer, Mrs. Cratchit isn't so keen on the idea). Meanwhile, Scrooge tells a creditor, Mrs. Cooper, that he will not extend his loan to her for the ten days she requested.

At home he sees his door knocker changing shapes and goes immediately to bed. While Tiny Tim is praying for Scrooge's salvation, Scrooge is visited by his old partner, Jacob Marley, who warns Scrooge of his eternal fate. Remembering the many bad things he has done, Scrooge reads the Gospel tract and is saved.

God then tells Scrooge to make restitution. He cancels Mrs. Cooper's debt, buys a large turkey and many presents for Cratchit and his family, doubles his salary and will get Tiny Tim the medical care he needs. The tract ends with Tiny Tim's famous phrase "God bless us, every one!"


  1. The main difference is that Scrooge is only visited by Jacob Marley ten years after his death (the story states seven years), and none of the other spirits are shown.

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