Hurricane Charley

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Huricane Charley was a hurricane that caused severe damage in Southwestern Florida and Cuba on August 13, 2004. The hurricane was originally expected to make landfall in the Tampa area, but made a last minute turn and made landfall as a category four hurricane in Southwestern Florida, causing great damage in parts of Charlotte, Lee, DeSoto, Hardee, Sarasota, Collier, and Polk counties. In addition to high winds, many tornadoes were spawned during the landfall. Many homes, businesses, and schools were destroyed, including the only high school and the only middle school in Punta Gorda, and all three hospitals in Charlotte county saw major damage, with Charlotte Regional Medical Center in Punta Gorda enduring the most damage. The storm caused billions of dollars worth of damage.

In the aftermath, the National Guard, FEMA, first responders from around the nation (on a volunteer basis) and many private charitable organizations provided aide to residents of the effected areas, including many Christian organizations. There were no atheist organizations providing aide, see Atheism and Uncharitableness. Many residents whom lost their homes in the storm lived in FEMA trailers for several months. Those who sought help from FEMA were subject to lots of government red tape and politics.