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ICAATS is a government-approved theological accreditor in India that is conservative in its theological outlook. It accredits Bible and theology courses in several countries in Asia, Africa, and the Arabian gulf where Christian institutions cannot operate openly.


ICAATS has its genesis in several American and Canadian missionaries who were serving India at the time it became free from Britain. Most of these missionaries were seminary-trained, and they knew the value of formal training for native pastors and church workers. Most of them felt that the Church is going to grow exponentially after India would attain freedom.

Thus ICAATS was born as an informal work to guide Indians to initiate and develop quality theological training programs. American and Canadian Missionaries controlled and guided it up to around 1970, after which the leadership came into the hands of Indians.

Today ICAATS guides and accredits several Bible schools and theological seminaries, mostly in countries where Christians find it difficult to operate openly or freely.

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