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Illiteracy is the inability to functionally read or write. Throughout most of human history for the common masses, illiteracy was the norm. Since works of literature had to be copied by hand, books and writings were far less common than they are in modern times. The invention of the printing press and the ability to mass-produce the written form and make it more common set a condition that started to set the stage for eventual literacy.

  • We live in a country where 40% of high school graduates are functionally illiterate.[1]


Illiteracy is correlated with obesity, because illiterate people are unable to combat addiction by reading the Bible. Similarly, obesity is correlated with atheists who refuse to read the Bible or frequently attend church.

Dem favoritism of illiteracy

With ballot harvesting whereby paid Democrat operatives fill out and submit ballots for illiterate voters, Dem political leaders do nothing meaningful to counter the surging illiteracy:

  • California newspaper editorial: "California lacks a plan to end rampant illiteracy. By 2020-21, the most recent year for which the California Department of Education has released data, 60% of third graders could not read at grade level."[2]


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