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Illogical and the Bible refers to the illogical viewpoints that are debunked by the Bible. These include:

  1. The Prodigal Son. One of two sons takes his inheritance, squanders it, and then is living worse in a faraway country than servants on his own father's estate. The illogical result of how he was poorer and suffering more than mere hired workers for his father causes the rogue son to come to his senses. His father was logical; his brother was logical; but the wayward son was illogical. His return to logic led to his redemption.
  2. The fool who hoarded his wealth without ever being able to use it (Luke 12:16-20): After an abundant harvest, a man tore down his silos to build bigger ones to hoard his crops in his hope to enjoy his riches longer. But that night he unexpectedly died, and never enjoyed his immense wealth. Today many people illogically think of wealth as a goal all its own, without logically realizing that their time is scarcer than money is.
  3. The liberal denial of the cured blind man. Jesus restored sight to a blind peasant, who was then criticized by liberal clergy in denial about what just happened. The blind man was logical in criticizing the clergy in response, who were incoherent in challenging him.

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Verses Claimed to be Atheist Makers

A listing of 11 verses considered to the most likely to turn someone away from the Bible include 10 from the Old Testament and only one from the New Testament – and none from the Gospels.[1]

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