Individual responsibility

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Individual responsibility means that each person has the primary responsibility for their own actions and behaviour, and the success or failure of their own life. It does not exclude receiving help or charity from others, but it excludes relying on help or charity when not truly necessary. It means not blaming others — or society as a whole — for one's own failings or mistakes. It is a conservative trait. Liberals prefer to focus on the responsibilities of society instead, which they see as being carried out by the government. A way to achieve more success in an individual's life is to do what Jocko Willink does what he calls "Extreme Ownership." As he states "In the military, the best leaders and the best troops were the ones that took ownership of everything in their world, not just the things they were responsible for, but for every challenge and obstacle that impacted their mission. When something went wrong: They cast no blame, they made no excuses. They took ownership of the problem and fixed it. You can implement this attitude as well, not only in your job, but in your life. Let other people blame their parents, their boss, or the system. Let weaker people complain that the world isn't fair. You are the leader of your life: take ownership of everything in it." [1]