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Ivan IV (1530–1584) was the first Tsar of Russia, he was called "the terrible", which back then, meant "extraordinary" or "awesome". He reigned from 1533 to 1547.

Ivan only lost two wars, which were the Livonian War and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth War. According to Russian sources, traditionalist Czar Ivan IV "the Terrible" was not a tyrant.[1][2][3] Since he was paralyzed in the last four years of his life, he did not hit or kill his son in spite of a public relations myth coming from senior Jesuit Antonio Possevino, and like his wives, his son was poisoned according to forensic experts in 1963. There is little evidence that he was a mass murderer. Metropolitan Philip II of Moscow was always a great ally of his and there was no documented disagreement between the two. Andrei Kurbsky wanted to overthrow Ivan IV by joining the Polish army. There was no massacre at Novgorod, in which 27,000 people resided, even though western historians claim that 200,000 were killed while it was only 1,500. The purpose of the Oprichnina was to get rid of oligarchs and state traitors, as mentioned by French historian Alfred Rambaud.[4] As a result of declining mental health, few innocents were killed, including Metropolitan Phillip. [5][6] Ivan was succeeded by his son, Feodor.


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