Jacques Chirac

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Jacques Chirac
22nd President of France
From: May 17, 1995 - May 16, 2007
Vice President None
Predecessor François Mitterrand
Successor Nicolas Sarkozy
Party Union for a Popular Movement
Spouse(s) Bernadette Chirac
Religion Catholic

Jacques Chirac (born November 29, 1932) is a former president of France from 1995 to 2007. He served two terms in office, choosing not to seek a third term due to his age, a massive unpopularity and several legislative failures.

Chirac is a lifelong Gaullist whose political instincts probably contributed greatly to his decision not to participate in the Iraq War, though he sent troops to help overthrow the Taliban in Afghanistan. He has been quoted as saying that the free market is not the solution to all problems.[1]

He has always been against the war in Iraq, opposing his veto at the United Nation Security Council. The announcement earned him a hostile campaign, especially in some of the Anglo-Saxon media (The Sun titled "Chirac Is A worm"). Relations with the United States become worse.

In 2011, following the case of alleged fictitious jobs in the city of Paris, the former head of state was sentenced to two years of suspended sentence.

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