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Japan and America have had an unusual relationship. Probably no other country than America has defeated an enemy nation in war and then used a period of military occupation to rebuild it economically and then grant it independence. It shows the grandeur and humility of America that it would want the same prosperity for other countries as for itself - even after having been made the victim of a surprise attack. Probably no other country than Japan has ever made an unconditional surrender in war and cooperated so wholeheartedly with a military occupation. Without giving up its cherished cultural traditions, Japan completed its program of westernization. It dropped its imperialistic ambitions and become a superpower which has earned the respect of its neighbors.

Despite this, however, some Japanese people, often called neo-Nationalists, have made several anti-American remarks as well as media condemning and demonizing America, with some even going as far as to root for the enemy.[1]
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