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Jean Raspail is a French novelist.

His books are well known in his native France. Outside of France, he is primarily known for his 1973 novel The Camp of the Saints. The novel foretells a future in which Europe is overrun by boatloads of illegal immigrants from South Asia, and is powerless to do anything about it because European society has become hopelessly mired in the culture wars with globalist ideas of "one world" having already won over the younger generation.

The book has been praised by, among others Patrick Buchanan, but condemned by the usual assortment of liberal groups. The original English language translation was published by Scribners; a reprint was issued by Ace Books, a mainstream science fiction publisher. However, the tiny Social Contract Press (which primarily publishes liberal environmentalist writings such as those by Garrett Hardin) published a 1990s reprint of the novel which resulted in that publisher landing on some liberal groups' lists of alleged "hate groups". The Social Contract Press edition remains in print today.[Citation Needed]