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Jeffrey Immelt is the current CEO of General Electric. He is well connected to the inner circle of the Obama presidency. As of 2011, Immelt heads Obama's Jobs Council.

Under Jeffrey Immelt's direction, GE has shipped tens of thousands of good jobs outside the United States.[1]


Iraq War

Immelt was blamed for supplying equipment to Iran while Iran was funding the deaths of U.S. troops in Iraq. Iran is on a terror list prohibited from doing business with U.S. companies.

During the 2003 Iraq war, General Electric under Immelt's leadership received billions of dollars in military equipment purchases. At the same time GE through its media arm MSNBC was calling the war unjust, promoting unrest, and that President Bush should be punished.


His control of NBC & MSNBC media is blatantly liberal and a vicious smear outfit. On more than one occasion, White House officials sang the praises of MSNBC.

In 2011, Immelt's NBC division has a minority stake of 49% in MSNBC, with Comcast taking majority ownership. The MSNBC channel is known for fake news and slander, the Air America of television. Also, a channel that is a cheerleader for Obama and routinely hides the administration's bad news from the public. MSNBC under Immelt's leadership is pure Democrat Media Complex, partisan driven—propaganda channel.

Embryonic Stem Cells

Immelt's General Electric has announced that it will use embryonic stem cells provided by Geron Corporation for the purpose of testing toxic effects of drug treatments.[2]

2008 Financial Bailouts

A book by Henry Paulson says Immelt begged for government bailouts at least four times. Fox Business analyst Cody Willard says that at the same time Immelt was asking for bailouts, he was telling investors that "We [GE] have had no problems with our own commercial paper [loans]." [3] Deceitful financial statements are in direct violation of SEC rules.


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