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John Key

John Phillip Key (9 August 1961) was the 38th Prime Minister of New Zealand. Key was the leader of the right-wing New Zealand National Party. Key was first elected Prime Minister in the November 2008 election and, unlike any previous Prime Minister in New Zealand, has won 3 successive terms increasing his majority each election. Key is widely considered to be the best Prime Minister in New Zealand's history and has the highest personal approval rating of all that came before him. The left-wing of New Zealand politics has been decimated since Key's rise to power and the next largest party in Parliament, the left-wing Labour Party, is languishing in the polls. John Key stood down as Prime Minister in December 2016 to focus more on his family and will go down as New Zealand's most popular Prime Minister and one of New Zealand's only PM's to voluntarily stand down as opposed to being pushed by his party or losing an election. He was succeeded by Bill English.

John Key has been lauded by incoming Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnball, who said of Key that his style of governing was one to emulate stating: "We've got some great leaders in Australia at state level but let me just point to one internationally, John Key, for example. John Key has been able to achieve very significant economic reforms in New Zealand by doing just that, by taking on and explaining complex issues and then making the case for them."[1]

John Key also has close relations with other conservative governments such as Stephen Harper of Canada and David Cameron of the UK. Key is also Chair of International Democrat Union, an organisation which brings together more than 50 right-wing political parties from around the world.[2]


John Key was born in a state housing zone while his mother worked two jobs to support the family after his father passed away - it was from this experience Key learned the value of work and to not expect handouts. He rose to prominence after graduating with a Degree in Commerce, working in Singapore, Sydney,London before heading up the Foreign Exchange department for Merrill Lynch. It was at Merrill Lynch he earned the nickname "the smiling assassin"[3] due to his ability to remain cheerful and outgoing despite having to lay off colleagues. Upon returning to New Zealand he fulfilled his boyhood dream to enter politics and become Prime Minister.[4] John Key advocates lowering taxes, partial privatisation of some governments agencies, smaller government, business friendly governance and the defence of individual freedoms.[5] Key is also the Minister of Tourism and under this portfolio he brought the Rugby World Cup and the Cricket World Cup to New Zealand as well as bringing in big blockbuster productions such as Avatar, The Lord of The Rings trilogy and The Hobbit films.

Left-Wing attacks

Due to Key's popularity and ability to govern for the average New Zealander he has come under relentless attacks from the left-wing. As the left-wing in New Zealand is at an all-time low the attacks have become increasingly personal. When Key committed troops to assist the United States in fighting ISIS far-left agitators protested outside Key's house, despite Key not being home at the time, terrifying his wife and children who were effectively locked in their own home. Key's personal wealth has been attacked despite earning his money from entirely legitimate means and anyone who displays a liking to Key or his National Party are vilified on Social Media. Fortunately the media do not share this view and generally report on him fairly.


John Key was born to a Jewish mother,[6] which makes him culturally Jewish according to traditional culture.[7] While he is agnostic on the existence of God he sees religion in society, Christianity and Judaism in particular, as "doing the right thing".[8]

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