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Major John Drury Stith was an early American settler, planter, attorney and politician.

Stith was in Virginia as early as 1656. He began obtaining land in 1656, when he received 500 acres through a grant in Charles City Co. He was granted 550 acres on July 29, 1664 and 636 acres on May 11, 1675.

In 1676 he was Captain of the Militia becoming a major in 1680. He was an attorney and a magistrate and served as a member of the House of Burgesses for a year from 1685 to 1686. He was, however, accused of abusing his powers to the detriment of the citizens and was forbidden to hold public office. Eventually, he was allowed to serve again and was sheriff in 1691 and was collecting grievances of the citizens of Charles City County in 1697.