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Justo Sierra O'Reilly (1814 - 1861) Mexican novelist and historian; father of Mexican historical author and political figure Justo Sierra Mendez.

His works include among many others, the pirate novel El Filibustero, the travel journal Impresiones de un viaje a los Estados Unidos de America y al Canada (1851), and numerous writings on the regional history of Yucatán such as Teogonia de los antiguos indios, as well as Spanish translations of John Lloyd Stephens's works on Yucatán. His most popular melodramatic novel, La Hija del Judio, is a historical novel in the style of Sir Walter Scott about the star-crossed love of the daughter of a Jewish merchant in colonial Mexico.

In his work Sierra O'Reilly clearly presents the difference between the two Americas, his own and the other, differences that are noticeable through language, religion, politic and social customs... a fact of uttermost importance, to the process of constituting the mexican nationality. Ludwig Nolte.

Justo Sierra O'Reilly is best remembered for his extraordinary contribution to jurisprudence, journalism and literature, rather than for his polemical activities in politic.

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