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Kansas House Bill 2014 ("HB 2014"), was enacted by the 84th Legislature and signed into law by Governor Sam Brownback in 2011.

As explained by a federal district court that issued a preliminary injunction against it, HB 2014:

provides that KDHE subgrants are exclusively prioritized to public entities, and second, to hospitals or federally-qualified health centers (FQHCs). As Planned Parenthood is a private entity which is neither a hospital nor a FQHC, it cannot successfully apply with KDHE to receive Title X funds.

Planned Parenthood sued to block enforcement of HB 2014. It argued that "the provision is invalid under the Supremacy Clause, as it creates an additional eligibility requirement which is inconsistent with federal law." Planned Parenthood also insisted that "the statute has the effect of violating its constitutional rights by discriminating against it based upon its participation in protected activity."