Katie Britt

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Katie Britt
Junior U.S. Senator from Alabama
From: January 3, 2023 - present
Predecessor Richard Shelby
Successor Incumbent (no successor)
Party Republican
Religion Christian

Katie Boyd Britt (born February 2, 1982) is an American politician, attorney, and businesswoman from Republican Party. She is the current US Senator from Alabama. Katie Britt won 2022 Midterm election. She defeated Mo Brooks in primary. Britt created good platform during election and lead successful campaign, however there was speculation against her for being chief of staff for Senator Richard Shelby. She also got huge support from Mitch McConnell.

In Mar 2024, she gave the Republican response at Biden's SOTU address.[1]

Britt slammed Biden's 'rage' in follow-up to SOTU rebuttal: 'Unbecoming' for a president.[2]

She is seen as a 'rising star'.[3]

In 2024 Katie Britt voted to send 61$ billion to Ukraine, although she attacked Mo Brooks who voted to sent 40$ billion back in 2022.[4]


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