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Waioli Mission church, Hanalei
Kauai, at 553 square miles, is the fourth largest of the 8 main Hawaiian Islands. The island is circular shaped, has many white sand beaches and is a popular tourist destination due to its tropical climate, natural beauty, and vacation activities offered including swimming, snorkeling, surfing, boating, fishing, and hiking.[1] The Waimea beach in Kauai is said to be the first place in Hawaii that Captain James Cook landed in 1778.[2]

The center of the island is a densely forested and mountainous region, which includes Kawaikini Peak, 5,170 feet tall, and Mount Waialeale, just under 5,080 feet.[3] Mount Waialeale averages 488 inches of rain a year, and is considered the rainiest spot on earth.[4]

Kauai has public transportation in the form of bus and paratransit services. There are also rental cars available, taxis, tour buses and limousines.[5] The main airport, Lihue Airport is located 1.5 miles east of the city of Lihue, on the southeast coast of the island.[6] The smaller Port Allen Airport is one mile southwest of the town on Hanapepe on the south shore of Kauai.[7]