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Kenneth Kitchen[1] (born 1932, Aberdeen, England) is a leading Egpytologist, historian, and Old Testament scholar. Kitchen is Professor Emeritus and honorary research fellow at the School of Archaeology, Classics, and Oriental Studies of Egyptology at the University of Liverpool, and is considered the "architect of Egyptian chronology"[2] and the "modern scholar who has laid out in detail the orthodox history of Egypt."[3] Kitchen has published over 250 scholarly articles and is the author of numerous scholarly books, of which had significant influence.


Kenneth Kitchen is one of the worlds most influential Egyptologists and Old Testament scholars to live, whose work has been hailed by countless scholars. According to James K. Hoffmeier, Kenneth Kitchen is known as the "leading Ramesside Period expert"[4] because of several of his seven-volume series titled Ramesside Inscriptions.[5] In 2012, Kenneth Kitchen along with Paul Lawrence published a work titled Treaty, law and covenant in the Ancient Near East which provides transcriptions and translations for every treaty code and law text in all of history from the third to first millenniums BC.[6] Kenneth Kitchen has also made considerable contributions to the historicity of the Old Testament, perhaps the most influential being On the reliability of the Old Testament, published in 2003, which has received numerous endorsements.[7] Some significant works of Kenneth Kitchen include the following;

  • Ramesside inscriptions
  • On the reliability of the Old Testament
  • Ancient Orient and Old Testament
  • The Third Intermediate Period in Egypt, 1100-650 BC
  • Treaty, law and covenant in the Ancient Near East
  • The Bible in its world: the Bible and archaeology today
  • The tabernacle—A Bronze Age artifact
  • Pharaoh triumphant: the life and times of Ramesses II, king of Egypt
  • The land of Punt


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