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Kentucky Fried Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken (commonly abbreviated to KFC) is a fast food restaurant by Yum! Brands. In 1930 the first KFC restaurant was founded by Harland D. Sanders in a gas station restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky. Originally, the restaurant chain sold bone-in chicken and sides. However, over time the chain expanded to include items such as chicken wraps, sandwiches, and bowls—a mixture of chicken and traditional sides such as gravy and mashed potatoes. Recently, KFC announced it was moving away from bone in chicken and towards boneless chicken in an effort to appeal to "younger" consumers.[1]


Sanders founded KFC by selling his own food in a gas station restaurant where he worked. Eventually, he was successful enough to quit the gas station and open his own restaurant. Beginning in 1952 he sold his formula to other restaurants. After 12 years, 600 locations sold chicken cooked according to his formula. Mr. Sanders gave up control of his company in 1964 when he sold his shares to an investor group for 2 million dollars. Sanders died in 1980.[2] Colonel Sanders was a Christian.

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