Kirby's Dream Land 2

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Kirby's Dream Land 2 (ESRB rating: K-A) is a family-friendly video game created by HAL Laboratory, released in 1995 (in both Japan and the United States) for the Game Boy and is part of the Kirby series. It follows the adventures of the main character Kirby who attempts to foil King Dedede's (who is possessed by an evil entity called Dark Matter) plan of conquering Dream Land. In addition to the other games' abilities (run, float, jump, swallowing and copying enemies' powers, etc.), Kirby can get the help of three of his animal friends; Rick (a hamster), Coo (an owl) and Kine (a fish). Kirby's abilities change when aided and depends on who's aiding him, for example, while Kirby has the "stone" ability and is being helped by Rick, the hamster turns into a spherical stone that Kirby can then ride by rolling.