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The Knockout Game, also referred to as Polar Bear Hunting,[1] is a street game were black thug/gang teenagers assault unknowing white bystanders with the ultimate goal being to knock them out with one punch as they walk by. It most definitely has a racial aspect as all crimes are committed against white skin individuals; men, women, Jewish, and Asian. It might be a funny joke to the perpetrators but serious injury and death has occurred and the game has now spread across the country. Deaths from the knockout game have occurred in Syracuse, St. Louis and New Jersey.[2]

Since the Trayvon Martin tragedy, it seems that black teens assaulting white people are more common.[3] Local news channels have picked up on the stories. The national media has mostly ignored them. Clearly, it shows a disintegration of Western morals and societal norms.

A handful of deaths and over 100 victims, the only known white guy attacking a black guy in the knockout game has been charged with a hate crime by the Justice Department.[4]


There is uncertainty to how this all came into existence. Some reports state that as part of a gang initiation, potentially new members were to terrorize unsuspecting citizens with physical assault and death for the chance at membership.

The widespread use of the Grand Theft Auto video game may have helped create the new trend. In the game, it is common to assault bystanders by punching them to the ground, for additional money. GTA mods enable super knockouts whereby players can launch a victim in a one punch death blow. Dozens of YouTube videos show GTA compilations, marathons, and ultimate knockouts.[5]



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