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Koch Industries is the largest private company in the United States, owned by the Koch brothers. Its directors, officers, and employees donated more than $11 million during the 2015-2016 election cycle to political candidates, and more than $20 million in lobbying expenditures.[1]

The Koch Industries sends representatives to conservative meetings despite the lack of any apparent connection to the business. In addition, the General Counsel of the Koch Industries, Mark Holden, has criticized Attorney General Jeff Sessions for "following tougher sentencing guidelines," and "Holden has led efforts to reach out to Republicans and Democrats -– including the Obama administration -– on sentencing reform, only to see Sessions move in the other direction."[2]

By 2023, one of the Koch brothers (David) had passed away, and Charles Koch began to phase out his control of the company. Non family members rose in power at the company.[3]

Massive asbestos litigation for billions of dollars against one of the subsidiaries threatens the overall profitability of the enterprise.


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