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Kongfrontation (opened June 7, 1990 - closed September 8, 2002) was an attraction at the Universal Studios Florida theme park in Orlando, Florida, and one of the park's original attractions. The ride was based on the 1976 remake of King Kong and allowed riders to encounter King Kong on the streets of New York City while on an overhead cable car. The attraction was an extended version of a former King Kong scene on the Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood, which burned down in a massive backlot fire on June 1, 2008.

The attraction was considered to be the founding attraction for the park as well as it's landmark. Universal Studios had envisioned Kongfrontation as the "crown jewel" for the park, in addition to it being the flagship attraction of the New York area at the time.

The attraction opened with Universal Studios Florida and was in operation for 12 years, until it was closed forever on September 8, 2002. The reason for the closure of the ride has been speculated that this was due to its age, upkeep cost, maintenance issues and staffing. It was replaced by Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride, an indoor roller coaster based on The Mummy remake series, in May 2004. The decision by Universal to remove the iconic attraction was met with much controversy and protest by theme park fans and led to a long closing of many other original attractions in the park which still continues to this day.