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Larry Norman (April 8, 1947 - February 24, 2008) was an early Christian Rock artist. His early albums were released on major U.S. record labels like MGM and Capitol Records, and he was popular among the Jesus Movement. His music has been compared to Bob Dylan and The Beatles. Frustrated with the secular music labels he would go on to form his own Christian record labels, Solid Rock and Phydeaux, which would release his albums and those of other Christian rock and alternative artists like Randy Stonehill and Daniel Amos.

He has released dozens of albums over the years but his best known have been:

  • Upon This Rock (Capitol Records, 1969)
  • Only Visiting This Planet (MGM, 1972)
  • So Long Ago the Garden (MGM, 1973)
  • In Another Land (Solid Rock, 1976)
  • Something New Under the Son (Solid Rock, 1980)
  • Stranded in Babylon (1991)

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