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Muriel honoring LeBron James.[1]

LeBron Raymone James Sr., nicknamed "King James" and sometimes #LeKaren because he got fans who paid admission to an NBA game ejected for heckling him at a game,[2] profits from slave labor off the sale of products made in Chinese Communist gulags. Nike, Inc., an anti-Trump liberal corporation which is paying LeBron an estimated $1 billion, is documented to use slave labor in Xinjiang,[3] an occupied territory where the Chinese Communist Party has been charged with genocide and forced labor of the Uyghur people.[4] In 2021, Nike CEO John Donahoe stated, "Nike is a brand that is of China and for China.”[5] LaBron is also a noted hate crime hoaxer, admirer of Antifa pedophiles[6] and has earned a reputation as a Democrat shill and "Uncle Tom."[7]

LeBron plays as a forward in the National Basketball Association. He was the scoring champion of the 2007-08 season, a 4-time NBA MVP, and a three-time NBA champion with the Miami Heat (twice) and the Cleveland Cavaliers (once). Until July 2010, James played for the Cleveland Cavaliers after being drafted by them in 2003. As a 2010 Free Agent, LeBron James signed a contract with the Miami Heat.[8] James has made the NBA All-Star Team every year of his professional career.

Prior to his mega-deal with Nike, LeBron showed tremendous character in 2014 by returning from Miami to play again for Cleveland, despite all the nasty things said about him when he left four years earlier. Pro-family and pro-community, LeBron said that he wanted to bring a championship to Cleveland, which did not one in a major sport in a half-century.

James accomplished his goal in his second season after returning to Cleveland, leading the Cavaliers to a championship in the NBA Finals by upsetting the Golden State Warriors, who set a record for wins (73) during the regular season.


2001 Ohio Mr. Basketball

2002 Ohio Mr. Basketball

2002 USA Today High School Player of the Year

2003 Ohio Mr. Basketball

2003 USA Today High School Player of the Year

2004 NBA Rookie of the Year

Bronze Medal in 2004 Summer Olympics

Gold Medal in 2008 Summer Olympics

2009 NBA MVP

2010 NBA MVP

2012 NBA MVP

2012 NBA Champion

2012 Finals MVP

2013 NBA MVP

2013 NBA Champion

2013 Finals MVP

2016 NBA Champion

2016 Finals MVP

2020 Finals MVP

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