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Leather is the processed hide of an animal. The processing of leather requires tanning to preserve it. Shoes, bill-folds, coats, boots upholstery and car-seats are often made of leather. Most leather is derived from cattle, but ostrich, kangaroo, deerskin, moose, elk, bison, crocodile, alligator, turtle-skin, snakeskin, sheepskin, goat-skin, pig-skin, or even fish may also be used. Leather is also very popular and "stylish" among rednecks, cowboys, greasers, and musical subcultures (such as goths, punks, metalheads, and rockers). Leather jackets with leopard print inside of them are also relatively popular among Mediterranean, Eastern European, and South American women. Many liberals protest against wearing leather as they believe it's "unethical" and will also advocate against wearing fur, wool, and silk, despite the fact that God gave humans dominion over animals.