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Leo Beuerman (1902-1974) was a man who sold small objects such as pencils and pens in downtown Lawrence, Kansas, doing so against incredible odds. He was about three feet tall, deaf, nearly blind, and had trouble walking and talking. He drove to downtown Massachusetts Street in Lawrence on a tractor, raising and lowering himself from and onto the tractor with a system of hooks and pulleys. Beuerman credited his faith in Jesus Christ for allowing him to get to the point he did, writing, "One of my greatest wishes always was that I may get into some very profitable business and use my surplus money and help others that are too poor to have something to eat most of the time ... through the teaching of Christ you will see that a helping hand for one's unfortunate brothers is a Christian's highest duty."

A short film about Beuerman, Leo Beuerman, was nominated for an Academy Award in 1969.

Today, the LEO Center in Lawrence is named after Beuerman. It is a Christian non-profit organization that reaches out to disadvantaged individuals in a variety of ways, including assisting with food and medical needs.


The Leo Center