Liberal Christianity and marital infidelity

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According to a 2007 study reported in the Journal of Family Issues, adherents of liberal Christianity are more likely to engage in marital infidelity than theologically conservative Christians holding other important factors equal ("strong liberal Protestants" who typically profess to believe in evolution have more marital infidelity than "strong holiness/Pentecostals" and "strong other conservative Protestants" holding other factors equal. Some Baptists are Darwinists or hold to old earth creationism in recent years although many have not and the study does not differentiate between these types of Baptists).[1]

Liberal Christianity, Darwinism, sexual immorality and abortion

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Liberal Christianity also embraces the evolutionary paradigm (see also: Evolution and liberalism).

In July 2000, Creation Ministries International reported:

For years, many people have scoffed at any suggestion that the evils in society could be linked with the teaching of the theory of evolution. But new research has confirmed what Bible-believers have known all along—that the rising acceptance of Darwin’s theory is related to declining morality in the community.

The research survey of 1535 people, conducted by the Australian National University, revealed that belief in evolution is associated with moral permissiveness. Darwin himself apparently feared that belief in evolution by the common man would lead to social decay. The survey showed that people who believed in evolution were more likely to be in favour of premarital sex than those who rejected Darwin’s theory. Another issue which highlighted the contrast between the effect of evolutionary ideas and that of biblical principles was that Darwinians were reported to be ‘especially tolerant’ of abortion.

In identifying the primary factors determining these differences in community attitudes, the author of the research report, Dr Jonathan Kelley, said: ‘The single most important influence after church attendance is the theory of evolution.’[2]

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