Liberal corruption of the law

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Liberal corruption of the law is a series of changes to the traditionally beneficial common law in order to advance the harmful liberal agenda, and to attain power for liberals that they could ordinarily attain. Examples include:

  • a contrived civil lawsuit against Trump to try to get a jury in a heavily Dem area to decide that he committed rape, even though not a criminal trial
  • use of secret litigation funders, such as political donors or private equity, which not traditionally allowed by the common law
  • selective prosecution, such as prosecuting people targeted by the liberal media, while not prosecuting those defended by the liberal media.
  • insist on prosecuting Republican supporters in the overwhelmingly Democrat venue of D.C., such that the conviction rate of the Republicans is 100% while Dem defendants are acquitted nearly every time

Rather than criticize liberal corruption of the law, professors at law schools generally encourage and even participate in it.

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