Liberals and democracy

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Liberals and democracy do not go together other than the type of democracy espoused by the French Revolution and its ideological descendants via mob rule, as liberals censor and deny anybody who opposes their totalitarian agendas. They claim that their policies will make the world an equal place, when in reality, they would destroy the American democracy we know and love. For example:

1.Liberals want to suppress religious liberty by forcing their agendas on the public through the following means:

2.Liberals want to strip away Constitutional rights in the name of creating a political regime by:

  • abolishing the democratic and effective free market economy
  • forcing a nanny state on America
  • adopting a Socialist economy
  • making America like a European social "democracy"
  • giving handouts to slackers so that they can mooch off the government and not support themselves
  • forcing Obamacare on America
  • force hardworking companies to give lowly non-hardworking workers a high minimum wage
  • killing innocent unborn babies through the evils of abortion

3.Liberals want to distort our sense of reality like the government of Oceania in George Orwell's conservative masterpiece, 1984 in the following ways:

4.Liberals want to see the destruction of society as we know it through:

  • legalizing drugs
  • denying their harmful effects
  • disregarding the sanctity of marriage
  • legalizing homosexual adoption despite its proven harmful effects
  • accepting homosexual "families"
  • celebrating violent video games

(please add more)