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Liberty Central , "America's Public Square", is a 501(c)4 non-partisan, constitutionally-minded organization whose primary objective is to harness the power of citizen voices, inform everyday Americans with knowledge, and activate them to preserve liberty. The group was founded by Virginia Thomas ‘Ginni’, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. in November 2009 and they are a dedicated team that actively listens to others and creatively shares their passion for Liberty. Liberty Central is ‘America’s Public Square’ for concerned citizens of all backgrounds, affiliations and circumstances to stand-up and take action. In October 2010, a New York Times editorial went after Liberty Central.[1] Rush Limbaugh responded,

What in the world is wrong with an organization that seeks to 'promote education, civil discourse, and activism focused on protecting core founding principles of the US?' Why in the world does that threaten the American left? It answers itself, I know.


  • Impact the critical 2010 and 2012 elections;
  • Effectively activate Americans in the cause for liberty;
  • Operate an online gathering place where information and ideas are exchanged;
  • Collaborate with others to influence local, state, and federal politicians and;
  • Restore the greatness of America.


Americans must elect to be self-governed, as enabled by our U.S. Constitution, or we can choose to be ruled by a big government elite in Washington.

Liberty Central's pledge to activism

Whereas, the pendulum of American politics has so drastically strayed from our founding principles of limited government, individual liberty, free enterprise, national security and personal responsibility,

It is ultimately the duty and responsibility of everyday citizens to read and embrace the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution,

The Constitution - which is the supreme law of the land - establishes the people as sovereign citizens, not subjects,

In an effort to hold their government accountable to its constitutional limitations, many Americans have voiced their opposition to a Big Government agenda through protests and election upsets only to be blatantly ignored by many elected representatives,

Therefore, I pledge to be more informed and more active, and encourage others to do likewise, in order to maximize my impact and influence in preserving, protecting and promoting liberty, freedom, and limited Constitutional government in America.


  1. Ginni Thomas’s Threat to Ordered Liberty, National Review Online, october 13, 2010

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