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Life Dynamics "Pro-life without compromise, Without exception, Without apology" is a Pro-life organization founded in 1992 by Mark Crutcher. The group's goal is to end legal abortion and return the right to life to unborn babies from the moment of conception. Life Dynamics is known for undercover investigations against abortion providers. In addition, they provide unique abortion research targeting child sex abuse and predators.

Their Abortion Malpractice (ABMAL) program provides litigation support services to attorneys in medical malpractice cases against abortion clinic operators and abortionists. Also, their Direct Mail Program (DMP) alerts doctors and medical students to the stigma that attaches to abortionists. Life Dynamics authors several books including ACCESS: The Key to Pro-Life Victory and The Marketing of Aborted Babies.

Life Dynamics is committed to ending abortion and they are leaders in that fight. They have many web campaigns, including videos and educational resources.

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