List of National Emergencies

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A national emergency is a situation in which a specific threat of danger to a nation is perceived and extra-constitutional powers are often granted. Below is a list of all national emergencies:

Still current Date Description
Ended May 27, 1941 President Franklin Roosevelt declared a National emergency under threat from Nazi Germany.[1]
Current November 14, 1979 After the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis, President Jimmy Carter issued Executive Order 12170 freezing Iranian assets
Ended May 2, 1985 After the election of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, President Ronald Reagan prohibited all trade between the U.S. and Nicaragua.[2] It was lifted in March 1990.
Ended June 9, 1998 President Clinton declared a National emergency during the bombing of Yugoslavia.[3]
Current October 24, 2009 Amidst the growing threat of Swine Flu, President Obama declared a National emergency to speed up the creation of an effective response.[4]

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