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Lorella Rouster is an American author, Christian educator, missionary and activist, co-founder of Every Child Ministries. She has published hundreds of articles on Christian education, Bible and science, child trafficking and slavery, and Islamic terrorism and supremacism and is a frequent speaker and internet contributor on these topics. Since 2015, she has served as an ECM missionary with Every Child Ministries, creating Kituba-language Bible lessons for children's Sunday schools.


Rouster worked as a public school teacher of English and journalism and as a freelance writer and area news correspondent before becoming a missionary with her husband in 1981 to DR Congo (then Zaire). In 1985 she and her husband John founded Every Child Ministries. She served that organization as Director of Teacher Training, missionary, and International-Co-Director for 30 years and initiated projects to street children, children in ritual servitude, children affected by war, and children with albinism, as well as Bible teaching in schools and an albinism awareness program for schools. Rouster developed training programs on child trafficking, reactive attachment disorder, and Christian education. She has developed hundreds of Sunday school lessons in the Kituba language of Congo and has translated and written numerous Christian songs in that language that have become popular through the Sunday schools there. On January 1, 2015, Mark Luckey became International Director succeeding the Rousters, and Lorella continues to serve as missionary, project advisor on child trafficking and slavery, and communications specialist, creating local-language (Kituba) Sunday school materials.[1]


Rouster’s publications include “Jonah, Don’t You Care?” CEF Press, 1979; Sunday School: Teaching Children, ECM Publ., 1985; Ritual Servitude—Everyone’s Problem, ECM Publ., 2012; Anti-Slavery Activism 101, ECM Publ., 2013, and "God Uses Crooked Sticks, Our Family's 30+ year adventure of serving & learning with Jesus in Africa, Every Child Ministries, 2017. Her training manual, Sunday School: Teaching Children went through several revisions and has been published in seven languages.[2] Rouster has published hundreds of articles in Evangelical publications, chiefly on Christian education and missions.[3]


Rouster has earned a M.R.E. from Covington Theological Seminary and B.A. from Tri-State University (now Trine University), also having attended Moody Bible Institute, Jackson Community College, and Indiana University. She has also been a certified Christian counselor with National Christian Counselor’s Association and held ministerial credentials with the National Conservative Christian Church.


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