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Lunascape is a freeware web browser designed for speed, flexibility, and compatibility. Similar to the Avant browser, Lunascape includes three rendering engines to improve versatility.


  • Fairly fast, though can consume more system resources than some
  • Includes the Gecko (by Mozilla), WebKit (by Apple), and Trident (by Microsoft) layout engines
  • Specific websites can be set to load every time using a specific engine
  • Gecko engine add-on support
  • Tab Lock and Shift Lock
  • Side-by-side cascade viewing option
  • Automatic backups of bookmarks and settings
  • Customizable mouse gestures
  • iLunascape and FirefoxSync enable synchronizing bookmarks between computers
  • Optional, customizable news ticker
  • Reported user agent can be changed
  • Block unwanted websites[1]
  • Supports Mac OSX, iOS, Windows, and Android


  • Slow first-time launch
  • Takes a while to initially customize[2]
  • Consumes more drive space than many others, due to the multiple engines
  • Does not officially support GNU/Linux


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