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Lynne Torgerson is a 2010 congresswoman candidate whose plan is to unseat D-Minn. Keith Ellison. In a press release Torgerson states "CAIR was named a co-conspirator, albeit un-indicted, in the recent Holy Land Foundation criminal trial, resulting in conviction(s) for sending millions in funds to terrorists, namely Hamas. Keith Ellison has helped raise funds for CAIR. CAIR has helped Keith Ellison conduct fund-raising for his campaign. Keith Ellison should not be an elected official in our federal government.”[1] In a pusillanimously-worded response, CAIR brazenly called Torgerson a racist,[2] bizarrely ignoring the FBI's own concerns (and the Bureau's well-published preventative measures taken against CAIR[3]) over whether CAIR itself does indeed have ties to Islamic terrorism.[4] (In a Feb. 24, 2009 letter three U.S. Senators R-AZ Jon Kyl, D-NY Charles Schumer, and R-OK Tom Coburn praised the FBI's actions in its breaking ties with CAIR.[5])