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The M16A2 service rifle is a light weight, magazine fed, air cooled, gas operated, shoulder fired weapon, capable of firing either semi-automatic or three-round burst. The M16 has been the service rifle of the Marine Corps since the mid-1960s, and every Marine is trained to fire it. The M16A2 service rifle was updated for greater adaptability with the M16A4 model during Operation Iraqi Freedom. The M16A4 incorporates a flat-top receiver unit for mounting optical sights, lasers, night-vision devices, forward handgrips, a removable carry handle and flashlights.[1]


The characteristics of the M16A2 service rifle are as shown below.[2]

Primary function: Infantry weapon
Manufacturer: Colt Manufacturing and Fabrique Nationale Manufacturing Inc.
Length: 39.63 inches (100.66 centimeters)
Weight, with 30 round magazine: 8.79 pounds (3.99 kilograms)
Bore diameter: 5.56mm (.233 inches)
Maximum effective range:

  • Area target: 2,624.8 feet (800 meters)
  • Point target: 1,804.5 feet (550 meters)

Muzzle velocity: 2,800 feet (853 meters) per second
Rates of fire:

  • Cyclic: 800 rounds per minute
  • Sustained: 12-15 rounds per minute
  • Semiautomatic: 45 rounds per minute
  • Burst: 90 rounds per minute

Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
Unit Replacement Cost: $586


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