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A vegetarian Meal, Ready-to-Eat
MREs, or Meal Ready to Eat, are the standard fare for soldiers on the go. They contain everything you need in a hearty meal and then some. They are packaged to last for years. While not the tastiest food you can carry, there is definitely something to be said for trusting in decades of military refinement during wartime.

In early 2016, the Army conducted a study to evaluate MREs by having volunteers eat an all-MRE diet for 21 days.[1]


MRE's are versatile, they are already pre-cooked so you can eat them both hot or cold, depends on personal preference.

MREs are larger and bulkier than many other storable foods, making them problematic to transport in a smaller bag.

An MRE in its original packaging, stored in a cool dry place can last upwards of 10 years.[2]

Field stripping

"Field stripping an MRE is accomplished by removing the edible contents from the main bag and discarding the bag and other unwanted item. This allows for decreased weight and bulk, but decreases the lifespan of the MRE. "Field stripping" an MRE will effectively reduce the lifespan of an MRE by 50% without using freezing or vacuum packing methods.

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