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MTV is a cable television channel that originally launched on August 1, 1981 at midnight with the first song played being "Video Killed the Radio Star", a hit single released in 1979 by The Buggles. Until the late 1990s to the mid 2000s, MTV stood for "Music Television", although the slogan was heavily nullified by the migration to reality and other non-music programming. The slogan was officially retired and removed from the MTV logo in February 2010, the roots of MTV's critically panned (but highly profitable and watched) reality programming date back to 1992 with the pilot episode of "The Real World". Throughout the 1980s (widely agreed to be the TV channels glory days) programming consisted of music videos accompanied by music industry news and promos accompanied by short commercial breaks.

Glorification and Depiction of Teenage Pregnancy

Around 2009, MTV would rise to fame and infamy with the airings of 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom, two extremely similar TV series that depict and at times glorify unwed and sometimes single teenage mothers in dysfunctional families. Other documentary-format programs revolve around the emotional aftermath of abortions. Other current day programming consists literally of 99% non-music or non music related programming.

Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore is an infamous reality TV series that revolves around immoral and obscene behavior characteristics of its cast on the shores of New Jersey. Behavior depicted includes obscene dancing, innuendo, public drunkenness, and domestic violence.


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