Maggie's Miracle

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Maggie's Miracle is a book written by Karen Kingsbury.

It is the second of a series of short novels titled the "Red Gloves" series (as every novel in the series had, as part of the plotline, a pair of red gloves featured prominently).

The book was made into a Christmas film, Karen Kingsbury's Maggie's Christmas Miracle, which was originally broadcast on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel in 2017.

Plot (book)

The book begins with Jordan Wright, a young boy, writing a letter to God (with very poor spelling, due to failing academics).

Jordan's mother, Megan Wright, is struggling with caring for him. Years earlier she married George, a man 20 years her senior. Although she loved George, he didn't reciprocate, and so she adopted his workaholic mentality, becoming a successful prosecuting attorney in New York City. Even the birth of Jordan didn't change things between them, though he loved his son. When George unexpectedly died at work of a massive coronary, Jordan began having academic and behavioral issues.

Running to work, she reads Jordan's letter; he is asking for a father like his classmates. The letter reminded her of when, at age 13 while visiting Lake Tahoe (and shortly after her father left the family for another woman), she met a young boy named Kade, the son of a minister from Henderson, Nevada. Kade agreed to pray for a miracle for Megan (back then she was Maggie Howard).

Realizing that Jordan needs help, and most importantly a father figure, Megan is convinced to hire Casey Cummins, owner of a local diner/gift shop who also volunteers as a math tutor through a local charity, to help him. Casey (a widower himself, his wife died giving birth to their child, who also died) and Jordan hit it off immediately; Jordan's grades dramatically improve as does his behavior.

Casey also begins to fall in love with Megan, but is reluctant to move on after the death of his wife and son; he realizes quickly that Megan has closed her heart to love, though she bought him a pair of red gloves (after he lost his). He speaks to her some more, she tells him about her father leaving the family and her loveless marriage, then about meeting Kade at Lake Tahoe.

Casey returns to his apartment, realizing that he needed to move on. The next day he asks Megan to meet him at a local park. There he surprises Megan with his old Bible, and a handwritten phrase: "Pray for a miracle for Maggie Howard." Casey reveals that he is, in fact, Kade from years ago (people started calling him Casey, after his initials "K.C.", which stuck), and then proposes to her.

In the last chapter, Jordan writes another letter to God (this time with better spelling), thanking him for Casey (and for answering his prayer for a baby sister, who would arrive around Christmas).

Cast (film)

  • Jill Wagner ... Maggie
  • Luke Macfarlane ... Casey
  • Lauren Guci ... Jordan
  • Laura Soltis ... Terri
  • Viv Leacock ... Billy G.
  • Lane Edwards ... Tanner
  • Françoise Yip ... Lauren
  • Kelsey Kupecky ... Martha
    • Kelsey is the oldest child, and only daughter, of Karen Kingsbury.
  • Jordyn Ashley Olson ... Young Maggie
  • Marcus Zane Carvalho ... Kade
  • Natalie King ... Teacher
  • Glynis Davies ... Mrs. Deely
  • Patricia Cullen ... Customer #1
  • Chris Shields ... Distinguished Partner
  • Andrea Agur ... Young Woman
  • Scott Perrie ... Male Singer

Differences between the book and the film

  • In the book Maggie's father leaves the family before the family's vacation to Lake Tahoe, and they go to a private home. In the film he leaves during the vacation, which is held at a lodge.
  • In the book Maggie and Kade meet in the summer, and Kade identifies himself as the son of a minister. In the film (to keep with the theme of Maggie being hurt at Christmastime) the two meet in winter, and (to keep with the secular theme) nothing is mentioned about Kade's family.
  • In the book Jordan's father dies but no specified date or season is given. In the film it is depicted that Jordan's father dies around Christmastime (to keep with the theme of Maggie repeatedly being hurt during that season).
  • In the book Casey remembers Maggie from an old Bible. In the film he remembers her from an old picture and a snow glove from the "Lake Tahoe Lodge".

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