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Marcus Borden is the football coach at a public high school in East Brunswick, New Jersey, who has fought for the right to bow his head in respect for player-initiated prayer by his team.

"Am I a religious guy?" asked coach Marcus Borden. "You mean, am I a religious freak? No, of course not. I'm just an average Joe. I'm not a spiritual guy. I'm not preachy. I'm not a member of the fellowship of Christian athletes. I'm a high school football coach that has certain beliefs, just like every coach in this country. And I believe strongly in certain things. Traditions and honor."

On Oct. 7, 2005, Borden, was "ambushed" (in his words) on the day of a game by school officials who demanded that he stop leading or even participating in a player-initiated prayer. Coach Borden immediately resigned, but reconsidered after 100 players, parents, and coaches showed up at his house the next day in a fierce rainstorm.

Randall Nixon, his starting quarterback, mentioned that, "It was awkward to watch Coach Borden remain motionless while the team prayed." [1]