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Margaret Barson Frank (February 3, 1926 - May 29, 2013) was a pioneering American woman in the area of STEM for women.

Early life and education

Frank was of all Romanian heritage. She grew up in a Romanian enclave of immigrants in Pennsylvania. She spoke only Romanian until the age of 4. She started learning English in school at age 4. She graduated from the University of Michigan in 1946 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and completed a Master of Education at Eastern Michigan University in 1973 in Secondary Education and Math.[1][2][3]


"At Stockwell I was the only engineer. In Mosher I was the only engineer. I had friends who were in accounting and English and other fields but no engineers."—Margaret Barson Frank, B.S.E. 1946[4][5]


Frank worked as a chemical engineer at Parke-Davis in Detroit, Michigan. She left that job when she started having children.

Frank returned to work as a math teacher and worked for 20 years.

Personal life

Frank married her husband, John G. Frank, in 1950. They had four children.