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Mass Line is a political organization developed by Mao Zedong (and used in Maoism) that encourages and promotes participation by the masses "in collective action in mobilizing support for or against a policy or program"[1] so that the government can learn from the masses and take action accordingly. ("Learn from the masses, and then teach them" ... "The right task, policy and style of work invariably conform with the demands of the masses."[2]) The policy was "aimed at broadening and cultivating contacts with the masses of the people and to accentuate the leadership role of the Chinese Communist Party".[3]


From [1]:

  1. Important speech made by a key leader
  2. Newspaper editorials published
  3. Slogans appear on wall posters (daizibao) or on masthead of newspaper
  4. Small groups (xiaozu) discuss ideas
  5. Massive public rallies are staged featuring local party cadres making repetitious speeches
    1. outlining the purpose of the campaign
    2. exhorting the masses to participate and demonstrate their support


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