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"Mermaids" is a group in the UK that promotes sex-change surgery and transgender behavior among children. The group operates inside UK schools although its personnel have no qualifications as doctors or psychiatrists. It promotes the theory of "innate gender identity" which has no scientific foundation.

Although registered as a charity, and getting funding from charity sources such as the UK National Lottery and BBC Children in Need the group has received much criticism for its aims, its methods and its treatment of individual cases. The founder and director, Suzy Green, has a child born male whom she brought up as a girl and refers to as her "daughter". She took him abroad for a castration operation because this would be illegal in England for anyone under the age of 18.

Mrs Green tried to prosecute a campaigner, Posie Parker, who criticized the agenda and methods of Mermaids. She reported Ms Parker to the police and got her banned from social media platforms.

In 2018 the National Autistic Society of the UK and the Tavistock Clinic for children with gender disorder both announced their opinion that Mermaids is unethical and removed all links to the organisation on their websites. File:Mermaids unethical Autistic society.jpg

Claims not Supported by Facts or Research

Mermaids often repeats the claim that children who are confused about their gender identity will commit suicide if not "affirmed". They use the motto "Better a live daughter than a dead son" and use this to justify giving children puberty-blocking drugs such as the notorious Lupron and encourage so-called sex-change surgery. However, these claims are not based on reliable research and are in conflict with the facts. Police record all violent deaths of children in the UK and their figures show that there were no suicides of trans children in the UK in the last 10 years. There were 163 suicides of under-18s but none of them were people with gender disorders.

There was one case of a family where the father identified as female and the mother identified as male and the three children were removed for neglect and trauma.[1]


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