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Michael Nifong was the Democratic prosecutor who was responsible for the prosecution of three lacrosse players at Duke University under charges of rape and the following deceit about the evidence exonerating them. The case received widespread media attention. After Nifong was reelected, he admitted that there was ""no credible evidence" for the charges.[1] Meanwhile, 88 liberal professors at the University, more than 10 percent of the liberal Duke professorial faculty, published an ad hurtful to the innocent students, which "helped create the lynch-mob atmosphere" against the students.[2] The charges were dropped when the claimed victim repeatedly changed her story about the events.[3] Furthermore, he withheld DNA evidence which exonerated the students. The three students were unable to attend classes, the lacrosse team was suspended for the remainder of the season, and the coach was fired. As a result of Nifong's behavior actions, he was disbarred and served a sentence of 1 day in jail for contempt.[4][5]


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