Michelle Obama and liberal elitism

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In 2008, the Huffington Post was reported that Michelle Obama wore $540 sneakers to a food bank. [1]

Powerline offers the following criticism of Michelle Obama:

She says that she and Barack were born to parents of modest means, not with "silver spoons" in their mouths. Nobody knows the trouble they've seen. The burden of paying for her undergraduate education at Princeton and her law school education at Harvard has scarred her. It remains a motif of her stump speech. No one is accorded a chance to ask her if she thought about attending the University of Illinois, or if she's grateful for any of the financial assistance that facilitated her and her husband's attendance at the finest institutions of higher learning in the United States.[2]

Michelle Obama also not only holds but tries to force elitist attitudes on diet and lifestyle, arguing for laws that would allow the government to choose how to raise and feed children instead of leaving the decisions to their parents.

Michelle Obama's liberal elitism is not surprising given the high degree of liberal elitism that Barack Obama continually displays.

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