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Microsoft Edge (formerly "Spartan") is a web browser provided by Microsoft. It replaces Internet Explorer in Windows 10 as the default web browser, although Internet Explorer is still retained for compatibility reasons. Edge started out using Microsoft's EdgeHTML engine which it built in-house. However, in 2019, they switched over to using Chromium's browser engine, Blink. This change was met with controversy,[1] but it resulted in Edge gaining market share.[2] The Chromium-based edition was announced at the Microsoft Ignite 2019 event in November 2019 and released in beta at the same time. It was formally released to the public on January 15, 2020.[3]

The original Edge is was controversial because Microsoft has historically tried to dominate over other vendors by not following industry standards. An exception to this is Microsoft's promotion of HTML 5 as a standard over the widely used Adobe Flash plug-in for sharing and displaying video content. The anniversary version of Edge introduced in 2016 disabled Flash until a user enables it and will disable automatic playing of embedded flash videos.[4]

The controversy continued, as Microsoft started pushing Windows users to use Edge, through nags in the Start menu, popups when trying to install another browser, and more.[5][6] Although beginning in 2018, this campaign has continued for years after. Presumably in response to this, Google started trying to scare users back to Chrome by putting "warning" banners on the Chrome web store (where browser plug-ins, themes, etc. can be added to any Chromium-based browser) which are shown to Edge users and report that "Google recommends switching to Chrome to use extensions securely."[7][8][9]