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Middelburg is a Dutch city and the capital of the province of Zeeland. It is located in de centre of the Walcheren peninsula. The city of Middelburg has 38.954 inhabitants (2007). It is located on the highway A58 and along the railroad going from Roosendaal towards Flushing. The Kanaal door Walcheren canal also crosses the city.


Archeologists showed that Middelburg was inhabitated long before the 9th century. In that time the city was surrounded by a wall made of earth as a protection measure against the Vikings, or maybe it was build by the Viking king Harald himself was the ruler of Walcheren around that time. In 1125 an abbey was erected which also included 2 charches. In 1217 Middelburg got city rights. The golden age for Middelburg was in the 17th century when it was one of the most important citi's of the republic.