Mikhail Simonov

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Mikhail Simonov.

Mikhail Petrovich Simonov (Mijail Símonov) (Михаил Симонов) (Rostov-on-Don, 1930 - Moscow, 2011) Russian aircraft designer. Simonov started working as an aviation engineer in the 1950s and joined the OKB Sukhoi design bureau as a deputy chief designer in 1970; since 1983, after serving as deputy minister of aircraft industries in 1979-1983, he worked on the Su-24, Su-25 and the famous Su-27; he also worked on the Su-30, Su-33, bomber Su-34, y sportive acrobatic Su-26, Su-26M, Su-29, Su-31 and Su-49. Simonov also played a key role in winning lucrative contracts to sell Su-27s to China, India and other foreign customers.

"I will never forget the first display flight of the Su-27 in Paris, organized by the British Aerospace along with designers and test pilots of the Sukhoi Design Bureau, - recalls John Farlight - a fighter pilot in the Royal Air Force. - Victor Pugachev was turning his Su-27 360-deg in 10 seconds, the average rate of turn - 36 deg/sec. At that time we could only hope that our next-generation fighter could achieve 25 deg/sec. [1]

At a flight demonstrations of civilian aircraft, Mikhail Simonov said: “Fighter jets are nothing; here is our future!” [2]


Simonov received a Lenin prize (1974) and two state prizes along with the "Order of the Red Banner" during the Soviet times, and was awarded with the "Hero of Russia medal" in 1999. [3] His name can be found in the Hall of Fame of the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. [4]

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