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H-War: Military History Network, founded in March, 1995, is a moderated email-based discussion group and bulletin board for scholars, librarians, and teachers in the field of military history. It has an international audience of 1600 subscribers and is published daily; subscriptions are free.[1] H-War focuses particularly on research and teaching interests, new scholarship in the field, discussions of military historiography that foster critical thinking and enhance professionalism, and the sharing of knowledge and experience about the teaching of military history, including posting and discussion of course syllabi and reading lists. The discussion logs are open from its founding in 1995 and can be searched. H-War welcomes announcements from scholarly and professional societies or other organizations about their journals, conferences, fellowships, and funding opportunities; encourages organizers of conferences to send calls for papers and program content and graduate students to post abstracts of their doctoral dissertations and research papers; and provides a forum for information on bibliographic and archival sources, as well as reports on new software, datasets, or Web sites relevant to military history.

H-War is operated by ten editors,[2] and is sponsored by H-Net, the umbrella group formed in 1992 that publishes over 100 such groups, including H-CivWar (on U.S. Civil War), H-Minerva (on women and the military), and H-Diplo (on diplomatic history).


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